English Observation

Seasonal design: Christmas Tree

I grew up, like most kids of the Western culture considering that Christmas decoration is all about that great tree in the middle of the house. First of all the tree is a fir. This year, I tried hard to fit the big tree in the small living room. It didn’t fit, but I still wanted to have something that looks like a fir with some bright lights. I wanted to have that fir outline somewhere in the house as a confirmation that Christmas holiday is indeed happening, in my house. I tried plain lights, I tried the decoration branch with the little red balls but still I wanted the fir and it came out being small but still there. This is a small depiction of what it looks like now in the corner of the house:

Here is a part of the decoration process, when I am holding the Christmas ball & I am looking at it, like if it will talk.

(Article originally posted in another blog I maintained for a while, called “Short essays about design“ on February 23rd of 2017)