No one ever reaches the Dock without getting wet.

As I draw, I am focusing even more on the thing I am listening to for some weird reason. When I get into the details of my drawing, I somehow get into the details of the discussion. In this one, it started as a small little urban landscape but then at the end, I wanted to define it more, set a roof and do something “impossible” with the basis: adding some wheels and then add some water.

“No one ever reaches the Dock without getting wet. No one really knows how to climb. No boats, no nothing. Once a week, usually Friday, a zeppelin is flying over the Machinery house of More and leaves food & books. Food & books is all the people need there. They just have to keep the machine working and produce more & more ideas. Sometimes the zeppelin is playing some music from its loudspeakers: Bach’s violin concerto 1041 or some Traditional music from Pontus like the amazing Halai Dance. They all know music can help people be more productive. In other stories we might learn a little more about this place.”