Communication English

Essay 1: Medium as an inspiration.

I see my self standing for more than twenty minutes in front of boxes of ink, pencils of various weights, erasers, papers, paper boxes and empty sketchbooks. Only by watching all these amazing materials, I can sit down immediately and start drawing for no reason. I mean, I do not need another reason. Medium is the reason when there are no time or brief restrictions. I know that when I feel creatively blocked, I can catch a pencil and start doodling. It helps me waking up my mind. Drawing without thinking can definitely become a sort of alternative coffee.

Essay. No.1 Inspiration by all materials used to draw.

When in school, endless sketching was the best excuse for skipping my homework. I was feeling that even though my work was pilling up, at least I had created “something” on that evening. Later on, the white intro pages of our school-books were loudly inviting me to fill them with all kinds of castles, princesses, graffiti-like typography and many more.

Months ago, I thought of writing down small essays about all aspects of design and I couldn’t have started without mentioning the reason why I became a graphic designer: I always loved drawing. When they asked me what I want to become when I grow up, I always answered a painter (meaning an artist in general) and then immediately I would correct it by adding that I know I can’t make money out of art, so I might become a graphic designer or something else. 

The scope of this blog is to present thoughts on:

– Design & the creative procedure

– The influence of drawing in design

– Design in every day life


(Article originally posted in another blog I maintained for a while, called “Short essays about design“ on April 6th of 2015)